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Welcome to Brighton Instruments Pvt.Ltd.

Brighton Instruments Private Limited is an independent weighing machine company which was established in 2010 to provide economical and reliable weighing solutions to customer’s applications.

We provide services to industry and commerce which are carried out by our own fully qualified mobile service staff.

Servicing and preventative maintenance of weighing scales and full repairs on all manufacturers models including mechanical units.

We specialize in all categories of machines from laboratory balances to 80 tonne weighbridges, crane scales, and load monitors.

Calibration and certification on customer site or in our works from 100g to 80,000kg.

All weights and equipment used are traceable to National Standards.

Hire for stock taking from the largest range available in the India including short term and long term hire of all types of weighing and counting scales and systems.

We provide customers with on site staff training and full, easy to follow users instructions to ensure that the stock take is accurate and free from operator scale problems.

Service call outs are usually on an urgent basis and BRIGHTON provide a rapid response and always ensure that a customer’s production does not suffer due to scale failure.

Being an independent scale company we can supply any make of scale available however we will only supply products that we know from experience are a quality product, reliable and suitable for customer’s application.

We supply our weighing equipment and service to all manner of industries and commerce including Trading Standards and Weights and Measures departments.

Brighton vision

It is the Mission of Advance Weighing Scale to provide the customers & enthusiasts with the Weighing Scale related products & knowledge that fulfil their wants & needs at the right price. Our friendly, knowledgeable & professional staff will help inspire, educate & problem solve for our customers.

Brighton responsibility

Creating a successful and sustainable business requires more than financial results, The company places great importance not just on what we do but how we do, Customer satisfaction is our major responsibility.